W.W. Transport is part of McCoy Group, Inc.  McCoy Group was founded in 1958 by Robert McCoy in Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Today the company is still family owned and is operated with a “customer first” philosophy. Corporate offices are located in Dubuque, Iowa.

W.W. Transport Inc. specializes in its award winning liquid and dry bulk food grade hauling.

When you need transportation services, you can trust W.W. Transport Inc. to get it done right.

W.W. Transport Inc. is on the cutting edge of technology for the new "ready-to-eat" flours that require a whole new level of safety measures in equipment sanitizing procedures. W.W. Transport Inc. has one of the few tank wash facilities in the country optimized to meet the high standards required to ensure the integrity of the flour from the time it leaves the mill until it is delivered to the customer.

W.W. Transport Inc. has been chosen as the house carrier for several mills in the country because of their proven track record of dependability and timely service. They have also won several "carrier of the year" awards from various customers, and looks forward to a strong future of transportation.