We’re hiring truck drivers near Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

W.W. Transport provides world class service for ADM Milling in Camp Hill, PA delivering bulk flour to customers in the surrounding areas, who in turn create much of the food we enjoy.

As a driver working from our terminal you will be a key link in that supply chain.

With deliveries averaging only 95 miles, drivers will normally make multiple deliveries every day and enjoy nights at home. Loads are preloaded meaning no wait time before starting your day. The terminal is located right next to the mill and there is a shop on site to keep equipment serviced and running smoothly.

If you desire dedicated runs and home time, apply today.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is health insurance offered?

Health insurance is offered to full time employees the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

Is there a 401K plan?

Yes, full time employees can sign up for 401K immediately upon being hired. After one year of employment, company match will begin.

What is the vacation package?

After 1 year of employment, drivers are offered a $1,000 vacation package. When combined with our quarterly performance bonus, and annual safety bonus, drivers can receive over $4,000 per year in bonuses

What pay can expected?

On average, drivers can expect to earn between $1,100 and $1,300 gross per week. Drivers are guaranteed to make at least $200 per day worked.

Is direct deposit available?

Yes, in fact we prefer that you sign up for direct deposit. Paper checks are also available.

How often will I be home?

Drivers can expect to be home daily, but on occasion, overnight runs are dispatched.

Job Details

What will I be hauling?

Bulk flour in pneumatic tanks (tanker endorsement NOT required) and some bagged flour in van trailers.

Are trucks manual or automatic?

The Camp Hill fleet consists of manual transmission trucks.

What is the average length of haul?

93 miles loaded. Empty on return.

How long is the training period?

Training is specific to the individual being trained, and is therefore different for each new hire. We want everyone to be comfortable in all aspects of the position.

Will I work weekends?

Yes, weekends will be required. The manager rotates weekends among drivers, and specific dates can be requested off with proper notice. Additionally, there is premium pay per load delivered on Saturday and Sunday.

What are the hours?

We do our best to keep you on your preferred start time, but we cannot guarantee that will happen every day as hours do vary at times.

Are multiple loads hauled per day?

Due to the short length of haul, most days will require multiple loads to be hauled.

Where is the terminal located?

The terminal is located in Camp Hill, PA at the SE corner of SR 581 and US 15.

Where will I pick-up/deliver?

Picking up at ADM Milling Co. in Camp Hill, PA and delivering to the northeast. Normal delivery area ranges from Boston, MA to Washington D.C. with New York City also being a requirement (The Bronx and Long Island). Drivers receive specific directions to be properly prepared for the delivery. Drivers are rotated to NYC so you won’t be required to go every day. We rarely go outside of this area.